Getting Silverlight 2104 Intiliaze error on IIS Server


I works poeperly in visual studio once it deployed to IIS that error is occuring please send me a feedback immediatley


FlashRiver wrote Mar 3, 2009 at 5:36 PM

This error can be cause by a few reasons.
1.) Make sure that the mime file name extension types are listed for your application in IIS7: ( .xmal - application/xaml+xml ) , ( .xap - application/x-silverlight-app ) and ( .xbap - application/x-ms-xbap ).
2.) This problem also appears if you have multiple applications and virtual websites in the Default Website. It is best to create a New Website and then install the application in this new website with no other applications or virtual websites.

Server Name -
 Sites - 
      Default Web Site - Applications website 1, Application website 2, Virtual Website 1, Virtual Website 2
      New Web Site - Application websites
The hosted websites that are within the Default Web Site may be causing a conflicts with your particular application. For this reason, Build a New Web Site and install your application there where you can set the paramaters seperate from your Default Web Site.

Example Binding for the two seperate web sites.

Binding for your Default Web Site - http - All Unassigned - Port 80
Binding for your New Web Site - http - - Port 80

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