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Test Implementation

Jan 7, 2009 at 1:31 AM
For the record I downloaded and ran this app in visual studio 2008 pro, it ran without the encoder, I couldn't uplaod video because I haven't installed expression encoder 2.  I'm not sure I'm totally sold on this app, as it does need some enhancements to meet my needs, but I got the trial of expression, so hopefully that will work on my dev box while I play around with it.

anyhow, it worked fine for me no problems whatsover, very nice for 15 minutes of testing... built successfully, and allowed me to add new user... VERY NICE!!!

also, I have to say the code is very nicely structured and looks like it will be nice to tinker with, it will definately help me improve my skills at the same time, too bad its silverlight 1.0, but then again, maybe that was a better model, anyhow, I will keep this post updated with my progress, I intend on using this in production on my own production servers since i can't find anyone hosting expression encoder at the moment... apparatnly I can override the crunching, but at this point, I just want to get my site up, and I think this will definately help...